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What is love?
What are some examples of showing love?

Love is when you care about someone. Love is when your heart grows. Love is the opposite of hate. Love is a magical feeling. Love is beautiful. (Billy)

Love is warm and caring. Love is when a friend or possibly a person you know cares about you. Love always keeps you warm and comfortable. When I am sad I always think about the people I love and it always cheers me up. (Sharon)

Love is when someone or something is meaningful to you. It is like “like” only stronger. If you love someone they are probably someone who is kind and loves you in return. Without love the world would turn upside down. I think love is important. It’s wen you’ll do something you don’t like to make somebody happy. (Alessandra)

Love is something or someone you love. Love is something or someone you would die to have. Love is something or someone you would always like to have. Love is something or someone that would feel like you are in front of a warm fireplace. Love is like an adventure inside someone’s identity. Love is something you will never forget. Love is something or someone you would never let go of. Love is what will always be around you. Love is something that won’t leave you. Love is something that cheers you up. Love is something stuck in your mind in a good way. Love is the opposite of hate and should always be in everyone. Love is like toothpaste which kills hate which is germs. Love should be celebrated everyday. Love is a medicine which destroys anger. Love is sharing with someone. Love is an angel that gives you everything you need. Love should be a lifetime experience. That’s what love is to me. (Rohan)

Love is something you won’t forget. Love is caring and helping. Love is when your heart grows. Love is a magical feeling. Love is like medicine which destroys hate which is like bacteria. Love is like soap and water which washes away hate which is like germs on your dirty hands. Love is like a pink and red heart dancing in your body. Love is something that comes out of your heart. Love is something you want. Love is something that shines in your body. Love is something that comes from your body. (Eva)

Love is strong and warm. If you love someone you have to trust them. Love is caring and generosity. You can love your friends, familes, and teachers. You can love animals, even your pet! If you are stuck, someone you love will help you. (Charis)

Love is where you like someone a lot. Love is where you help someone for their whole life. If two people love each other, they get married. An example of love is if one person needs to borrow something, they let each other. (Drew)

Love is when you like someone so much that you “love” them. For example, if you are married to someone the reason you married them is because you are very close to each other and you think they are a great person, better known as “love”. Usually you would love someone if you are either married or have been together for a long time and are about to get married. Maybe if you love someone you are embarrassed to tell them and you would probably send them a box of chocolates or a flower to show that you love them but secretly, so no one else would know and it and you wouldn’t be embarrassed. (Jillian)

Love is when someone does something you like. An example is to help your family out or give them a hug. (Winston)

Love is liking someone a lot because they did something nice for you, and they do that a lot, and then you start to love them. Love is when someone cooks and you compliment them. That shows love because some people do not compliment them for cooking a good dinner. (Sean)

Love is if you like, like someone.

  1. You can love by marrying.
  2. You can have a crush on someone
  3. If you kiss
  4. If you hug

You don’t have to love anyone at school or college but everyone loves their mom and dad! Valentines Day is a lots of love. Some people think Valentines Day is gross but others think it’s romantic. Love is when families get together and kiss and hug. Actually mostly every kid hates Valentines Day. Parents think it’s romantic. (Ronith)

Love is going on a date and paying for everything. It is also going where your friends want to go or blaming stuff on yourself. (Harrison)

Love is what you give to people you care about and what you show to your friends. Even though you might not give love to your friends, you still show it to them by caring. You give love t your family by saying it. Not with your mouth but your heart. If you like your friends you are showing that you care about your friends. That is showing love. Love is all around you. No matter how you make it, it’s always there. (Sadie)

Love is something that is strong and something that is warm too. (Cameron)

I think love is caring and helping people you love. Love is showing and doing the right things and showing friendship. (Ruchitha)

Love is something that is strong and warm. Love is something that nobody can explain. The strong part of love is that even though you are far away from each other doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, but you love them even more. You can show love in many different ways. (Khushi)

Love means to like someone or something. For example, someone fell down and started crying. I can show love by helping them up, or comforting them, or bringing them to the nurse. If one of my family members got sick I could show love by helping them around the house and helping them get better and comforting them. (Ada)

Love is caring and respecting somebody. (Maanav)

Love is when you like someone, and when you like someone you have strong feelings for them. When you have strong feelings for them, there is a bond between you, and then when there is a bond, there is love. (Nikhil)

Love is to be liked a lot, or to like someone a lot. (Brandon)

Love is when you can give people things when they are not expecting it. You can give love to people by hugging them. Love is telling people how much you car about them. You can just say that you love them. (Alex)

Love is how you treat someone with care or respect. (Ella)

Love is friendship. Love is also when you really like someone or something. Love is not always when you really like like someone. It can be when your friend is really nice and you really like them, that is also a kind of love but for friends. (Naina)