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My new years resolution is to....

not eat that much candy. (Eva)

try to eat more fruits and vegetables. (Naina)

be good. (Sean)

be nicer to everyone and treat them the way I want them to treat me. (Ada)

eat less candy because I ate a lot in 2011. (Charis)

do things by myself. (Khushi)


help my parents do the jobs or work they do, like laundry. (Ruchitha)


exercise more than ever! (Ella)


not get into as many arguements as always on the bus. (Nikhil)


take turns talking because I talk a lot. (Harrison)


spend more time with my friends because I usually have to go shopping with my mom or go to swimming. (Rohan)


not read in the dark. (Winston)


eat healthier food by not tempting myself when I see all the desserts. (Drew)


do what my parents tell me to do when they tell me to do it. (Jillian)


every morning when I finish my breakfast I will go for a jog! (Sharon)


get good grades and make my parents proud. (Maanav)


never peer pressure people. (Brandon)


play with my friends more. (Cameron)


stay organized in school. (Alessandra)


share things that classmates need. (Ronith)


be nicer to my parents than I was last year. (Billy)


to raise my hand in school more. (Alex)



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