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About Ms. Brown

Hello! My name is Ms. Brown and I’m so excited that you’d like to get to know more about me!  I love teaching and I also love being a mom, jewelry designer, knitter and private tutor and consultant.  I have twin sons, Adam and Richard who will be 27 this September.  I also have a two year old tiny Maltese dog named Valentino.  We call him Tino for short.


Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for a long time.  This will be my 35 year teaching and what is really interesting is that I have taught the entire time in the Montgomery Township School District.  I guess you can tell that it is a wonderful place to work and learn. I have taught 3 – 6th grades and in self contained classes too.  I received my B.S. in Special Education with a minor in Behavioral Sciences, cum laude and have studied administration at Rutger’s Graduate School of Education.  I have taken many workshops in specialized reading programs, math programs and current teaching pedagogy.  I have also taught many workshops myself.


I have a variety of hobbies that I like to spend time doing during my free time.  I enjoying traveling, going to the beach or pool to swim and relax in the sun, read and do a variety of crafts.  I especially enjoy making jewelry and knitting.  In the summer when school is out, I am actually still teaching.  I work for the Extended School Year program in our school district and teach students reading and math for six weeks.  I also continue doing private tutoring; studying research based teaching strategies and taking workshops.


I like to establish a school environment, which fosters a love for learning in a safe, well organized and academically rich classroom where students can have fun and be active learners.  I always stress acceptance, kindness, and respect for one another and their belongings.  I encourage students to do their best and provide guidance and support to them as they go through the learning process.  In third grade we like to develop a strong sense of self and responsibility.  Students will be recognized for working cooperatively and for completing homework and class work on time.


Ms. Brown’s Favorites

Favorite Colors:  turquoise and red
Favorite Pet:  dog
Favorite Zoo Animal:  giraffe
Favorite Flower: orchid
Favorite Hobby: knitting      
Favorite Vacation Spot:  Paradise Island in the Bahamas
Favorite Scent:  lemon 
Favorite Movie:  Step Up
Favorite TV Show:  So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite Author:  V.C. Andrews
Favorite Disney Character:  Ariel  
Favorite Place to Be:  beach


Special Awards/Recognition 

I have received some very special recognition while being a teacher in the Montgomery Township School District.  I was awarded the Governor’s Teacher of The Year Award, in June of 2004.  This was such a special honor and I will never forget it.  Also, I was recognized by the New Jersey School Boards Association for a social skills program that I developed and implemented at Village Elementary School called, Social Skills Count, in  May of 2004.  The final recognition that I received was an award called:  Teachers Who Make Magic, from Magic 98.9 radio station.  This award is given to teachers who are nominated to the radio station and who are recognized for their dedication to their students and the field of teaching.  What an amazing award night it was!  To be in the company of so many inspiring professionals and to be recognized for what comes natural to all of us!



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