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Before 1600

Project by:
Alessandra, Sean, Eva, and Charis

Description: Lenape Indians Lived Here
Housing: The house is a wigwam. It's made out of dirt, deer/animal skins, sticks/wood. On the ceiling are bundles of corn.

Transportation: There is a canoe that shows they traveled by boat. They also traveled by foot on land. They had baby carriers, backpacks, and walking sticks which helped them with transportation.

Roads/Land: There was a lot of dirt. There weren't roads, but just dirt trails/paths. They used their land for farming where they grew their vegetables and food for the tribes. They grew "The 3 Sisters- corn, squash, and beans".

Schools: Parents would teach their children. The males of the tribe would teach the boys and the females would teach the girls. The girls would learn to weave and take care of the garden, cooking/storing food, and taking care of the house. The boys would learn to hunt and get food for the tribe.


Project by: Ella, Sadie, Winston, Nikhil

Description: The Colonists and Soldiers

: Small 1-story wooden houses with just a few rooms, chimney was inside the house

Transportation: They used horse and wagon/carriages made out of wood. They would travel to get around town and soldiers would travel to get to war.

Roads/Land: Dirt trails that weren't very smooth or paved. There was a lot of grass that was used for farmland.

Schools: 1 room school houses. Boys and girls entered through different doors. There were several grades in each class.

Project by: Drew, Alex, Billy, Rohan

Description: Colonists and Soldiers lived here

Housing: Log cabins made out of wood. Houses were 1-story with very few rooms. Chimneys were inside of the houses. Most houses were built on farms.

Transportation: Most people used horse and carriage. They traveled by boat for fishing. They traveled also by foot to get around town. Wheels of the carriage and boats were made out of wood.

Roads/Land: Roads were very thin, bumpy, and unpaved. They were dirt roads. They were not as long. They didn't have intersections. There was mostly farmland.

Schools: 1 room school houses. Boys and girls had to go in through different doors. There was a bell at the top of the school and when it rang, it was recess time. They had 2 recesses a day as well as a lunch break. Sometimes their parents would pull them out of school so they could use them for help on the farm. They had to pay for school. There were different ages in each class. They stayed warm with the potbelly stove. There was just one teacher for all of the grades. Kids had to share desks (2 kids per desk).


Project by: Jillian, Ada, and Cameron

Description: The Dutch Farmers lived here

: Wooden houses, but wealthy landowners had theirs made out of stone. Houses were one story high with only small windows. There were 2 rooms in a house. The chimneys were inside of the houses. There was an attic and a cellar used to preseve food.

Transportation: Trains were invented around this time period. They were used for businessmen going to their jobs, and for transporting peaches. People walked to get around town, or by horse and carriage.

Roads/Land: They had dirt roads, which were made larger than in the 1700s, but still not as paved as they are today. There was a lot of farm lands and they grew a lot of crops such as peaches, tomatoes, blueberries, and cranberries.

Schools: They had 1-room school houses. Boys and girls entered through different doors. Teachers taught all of the grades in one classroom. Learning was not encouraged as much as it is today. They learned math, reading, and cursive. Desks were shared by two people. They used chalkboards. There was a stove that was used to warm up the room and warm up foods.

Project by: Ruchitha, Naina, Khushi, and Sharon

Description: The Dutch People

Housing: Houses were made out of wood, and some out of stone. They were 1-story houses with attics and cellars used for storing food. Chimneys were build inside the houses. Most houses had picket fences and porches. Back wings were built onto houses to make them bigger.

Transportation: Horse and carriages were used most often. Trains were just being built.

Roads/Land: Rocky roads that were hard to travel on. They were dirt roads that weren't paved. The land was used for planting fruits and vegetables. They had animals that gave them milk, and chickens that gave them eggs.

Schools: They had different grades in each classroom. It was a one room school house. The school bell rang when it was time for recess. Boys and girls entered through different doors.


Project by: Ronith, Harrison, Maanav, and Brandon

Description: Our families lived here!

Housing: Most houses have 2 floors, a basement, and an attic. They have larger yards. We have refrigerators to store food. In past years, they stored food in the cellars and the attics. We have garages and driveways to park our cars in. Many houses are made of bricks and wood. We have bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and other rooms to do things in. Houses have electronics like lights. We have much bigger beds and windows. Chimneys are outside of our houses.

Transportation: We travel by cars, busses, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, bikes, and trains.

Roads/Land: Roads are paved and really easy to see and travel on. They are smooth and widened. There are a lot of roads to allow people to get around. There are sidewalks next to roads in neighborhoods. The land is filled with shops, schools, and houses, but there are still farms in the area. There are still a lot of trees in the area, but many have been chopped down.

Schools: There are multiple classrooms for each grade. There are many teachers to teach the grades. Schools are much bigger now. We have specials like gym, music, art, etc... We have a cafeteria with cooks who make lunch for us. We use white boards instead of chalk boards. We learn cursive and math like they used to in the past, but now we also learn social studies and science. We have assemblies to learn from. We have mini-libraries in the classrooms. We have a playground for recess.



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