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Spirit Days

Our school has Spirit Days, but usually they've just been "wear your school colors" once a month. I found these ideas on Pro Teacher, and made a list for my Principal, so I thought maybe these would be useful to your schools and classrooms as well!

  • Crazy Hat Day
  • Back in the Day (60s, 70s, 80s theme)
  • Dress Up Day
  • Wacky Sock Day
  • Slipper Day (wear your slippers to school)
  • Pajama Day
  • Class Color Day (each class chooses a color to wear as a theme)
  • Beach Wear Day
  • Stuffed Animal Day
  • Wacky Hair Day
  • Different Shoes Day
  • Dress up like your favorite teacher
  • Unmatched outfit Day
  • Poem in a Pocket Day- each person writes a short poem and sticks it in their pocket and must share it at certain times
  • Backwards Day- wear your clothes inside out or backwards
  • Twin Day- dress like a friend
  • 100th Day of School- Dress up like you’re 100 years old
  • Farmer Day/Western Day- dress in overalls, etc…
  • Sports Team Spirit
  • School Spirit Colors

 Also, some schools team up with community service projects for the school spirit days. Here are some ideas:
On stuffed animal day, bring dog/cat food for the local animal shelter. On Wacky Sock Day, bring in new socks for the local women's shelter. On wacky hair day, bring in hair care products for a shelter.


 Behavior Bingo

This is something I just learned about on Pro Teacher! Using a  hundreds chart, each time the class is working well as a class, or receives a compliment from another teacher, the teacher pulls a number from a cup and marks it down on the "Behavior Bingo Board". When the class gets a row, column, or diagonal marked off, they win a party!

I use something similar with hearts in a jar. When they fill up the jar, they get a class party, but I love this idea! Thanks to Mrs. Wilson for her great Behavior Bingo Game and Behavior Bingo Rules.

 Yoga in the Classroom

Click below to download three five minute yoga sessions for use in the classroom!

Yoga 1
Yoga 2
Yoga 3

 The Giving Tree

Provide blank leaves for kids to write positive things they see others doing. I reward the kids who saw the positive things with a "caught being good ticket" for being able to recognize the good deed, and of course, I reward the child that has done the good deed with a ticket as well. We staple them to our tree and watch it bloom all year long!

 Review Game Shows

Hollywood Squares

 Party Ideas

Do you ever get tired of the same old behavior party ideas? Well, click HERE for party ideas A to Z! There are about 50 fabulous ideas here!

(I found this PDF file on a website a while ago, and I'd love to give credit, but I just can't remember where I got it from,
so if anyone can help me, I'd love to give this person credit!)

Blue Bird Binders

Bringing Lessons Used Everyday; Being Incredibly Responsible Daily
These binders are closely related to MOOSE books, if you've ever heard of them. You can change the acronym to whatever fits your curriculum or classroom best. They're used to teach children about organization, and to keep them organized throughout the year. The hardest part of this was just trying to find the materials to put them together. Some teachers do it with their own money and then ask for reimbursement from parents. Some teachers ask the parents to put them together by giving them a supply list. I was lucky enough to have our PTA fund a school store and buy everything as well as assemble it for me! The key is making sure that the binders are all uniform.
Here are some sites that may help you:

Blue Bird Binders- by Mrs. Gold
MOOSE Acronyms from A-Z
Moose Books
Moose Book Ideas and Printables

Challenge Capsules

When my students are finished early with an assignment, they have a list of things they can do. One of those things is to solve a Challenge Capsule. Challenge Capsules are made from challenges in the Mailbox Mind Builders. There are Mailbox Mind Builders Books ranging from geography, math, spelling and vocabulary, language arts, and science! I bought all of these books (if you can believe it) from EBAY for $4.00 each! I also bought the capsules from EBAY.


If my students complete their homework for the entire week, they can play Homework-opoly! They can land on Chance or Community Lunchbox to receive incentive cards that allow them a free sticker, lollypop, extra computer time, first to line up, and more! They can land on Free Homework to receive a Free Homework Pass, and they can land on Mystery Prize to pick from the Prize Box. They can also land on Brainbinder, in which they can complete a Challenge Capsule (see above). Below are my Chance and Community Lunchbox Cards which you are free to use and modify if you have Microsoft Publisher.

Homework-opoly Official Site- Download the board here!
Chance Cards- print, laminate, and cut!
Community Lunchbox Cards- print, laminate, and cut!

Memory Book/Timeline

Every month, I assign a writing prompt to my students. They must write their favorite memories from school in that particular month. I collect these and save them until the end of the year. Then, I give them back to the kids, and they put them together in order from September to June, to make their own written account of their third grade year!

You can also create a Learning Timeline in your classroom. Write the months of the year, and spread them out throughout the classroom in a line. Each month, have the children write 1-2 sentences on a note card (or something cute that you make up) about their favorite event of the month. Hang it up, and as it builds throughout the year, you have a timeline of the fun learning activities you've done together!



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