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After much research and internet searching, I've found several websites that correspond with each chapter of our Everyday Math Program, which will help the students to prepare and practice. If you come across any other websites that appear fun and helpful, please forward them to me so that I can add them!
When playing the games below, please play the games that you feel will best help you practice
the skill you most need to get better at.

golden_star.gif - (2K)= Student Favorite!
= Challenging!

Before you begin, here are some virtual math Manipulatives that may help you!

Chapter One:
Routines (time, money, patterns, place value)
Chapter Two:
Addition and Subtraction
Chapter Three:
Guess My Number (Place Value) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Guess the Number (Place Value)

Greater Than, Less Than  (Place Value)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Place Value Game (Place Value)

Number Machine (Place Value)golden_star.gif - (2K)


What Time Is It? (Time)

The Right Time (Time)

Time Clock (Time)

Time Memory (time)

Giraffe Dash (time)

Giraffe Pull (time)


Change Maker (Money)

Money Memory (money)

Making Change (money)

Math at the Mall (Money)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Count The Money (money)


Create A Graph (Graphing)

Data Picking (Graphing) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Bugs in the System- (Graphing) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Let's Graph! (Graphing) golden_star.gif - (2K)


Follow the pattern (Patterns)

How does my pattern grow? (Patterns)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Number Cracker (Patterns)

Addition Pyramid  (addition) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Addition Hidden Picture (addition)

Addition Math-O (addition)

Da Numba (addition)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Batter's Up Baseball (add, mult) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Line Jumper (addition)


Subtraction Hidden Picture (subtraction)


Math Mayhem! (add, sub, mult, div) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Math Baseball (add, sub, mult, div) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Math Car Racing (add, sub, mult, div)

Operation Order (add, sub, mult, div)

Seashell Rounding (Rounding)

Many Add. and Sub. games here (add,sub)

Function Machine (add, sub, mult, div) golden_star.gif - (2K)


For more addition/subtraction choices, see Drill Games Below
The Ruler Game (measurement) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Measure It! (measurement)

Time To Move (measurement) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Sleuths on the Loose (measurement) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Sal's Sub Shop

Animal Length Labels golden_star.gif - (2K)

Comparing Jungle Animals golden_star.gif - (2K)

Inchy Picnic golden_star.gif - (2K)

Ostrich Long Jump golden_star.gif - (2K)

Animal Height Labels golden_star.gif - (2K)

Comparing Jungle Animals golden_star.gif - (2K)

Frog High Jump golden_star.gif - (2K)

At The Vets golden_star.gif - (2K)


Figure Perimeter (Perimeter)


Figure Area (Area)


Shape Surveyor (Perimeter and Area)

Interactive Geoboard (Perimeter and Area)

Perimeter and Area Booster (Perimeter and Area)

Line Plot Questions



Chapter Four: Multiplication/Division


Chapter Five:
Place Value
Chapter Six:
Multiplication Hidden Picture (multiplication)

Multiplication Math-O (multiplication)

Multiplication Magician! (multiplication) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Multiplication.com Games (multiplication)

Interactive Multiplication Table (multiplication)

Interactive Arrays (multiplication)

Hundred Chart- count by numbers to see factors in multiplication

Multiplication Mystery (multiplication)

Batter's Up Baseball (multiplication)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Lemonade Larry (multiplication)golden_star.gif - (2K)

The Counting Game (learn to count by 2s, 3s- all the way to 9s.)

Calculator Chaos (multiplication)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Multiplication Flashcards (multiplication)

Sketch's World (multiplication) golden_star.gif - (2K)

TONS of multiplication games here!!! golden_star.gif - (2K)

More variety of multiplication and division games here!!!


Division Hidden Picture (division)

Division Math-O (division)

Division Bingo (division)golden_star.gif - (2K)


Math Baseball (add, sub, mult, div)

Math Car Racing (add,sub, mult, div)

For more multiplication/division choices, see Drill Games Below

Place Value Puzzler (Place Value)

One False Move- ordering #s (Place Value)

Place Value Game (like Top It)

Mystery Pictures-reading numbers (Number Sense)

Rounding Flashcards (Place Value)

Hangman Rounding (Place Value)

Flashcard Vocabulary Match (Geometry vocab)

Geometry Math-O (Geometry vocab)

Geometric Terms Matching Game (Geometry vocab)

Geometry Quiz (Geometry vocab)


Polygon or Not? (Polygons)

Polygon sides and angles Quiz (Polygons)

What type of polygon is it? (Polygons)

Toothpick Geometry

Naming Faces and Figures (Polygons)

Dr. Gee's 3-D Lab (Polygons) golden_star.gif - (2K)





Chapter Seven:  Multiplication/Division

Chapter Eight:
Chapter Nine:

Division Fact Extensions

See Chapter Four Games or drill games below













Fractotron (equivalent fractions)

Fraction Frenzy (equivalent fractions)

Melvin's Make A Match Game golden_star.gif - (2K) (equivalent fractions)

Spring Flowers (equivalent fractions)

Matching Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Game

Fresh Baked Fractions (Equivalent Fractions)


Comparing Fractions (comparing fractions)

Fraction Match-up! (comparing fractions)

Dirt Bike Fraction Compare (Comparing fractions)

****************Jenn's Fish Tank (fraction word problems)

Weighing Oranges (fraction word problems)


Pizza Party (identifying fractions)

Fraction Questions (identifying fractions)

Design a Fraction Flag golden_star.gif - (2K)(identifying fractions)


Falling Fractions of Numbers (groups of sets)

See Chapter Four Games or drill games below

Grid Game golden_star.gif - (2K)












Chapter Ten:


Chapter Eleven:
Train Race (Mean, Median, Mode)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Buildings (Mean, Median, Mode)

Card Game (Mean, Median, Mode) golden_star.gif - (2K)


Planet Hop (Coordinate Grids) golden_star.gif - (2K)

Battle Ship (Coordinate Grids) golden_star.gif - (2K)


The Ruler Game (Measurement)golden_star.gif - (2K)

Fun Brain's Measure It (Measurement)








Fish Probability golden_star.gif - (2K)

High Low golden_star.gif - (2K)

Spinner Game  golden_star.gif - (2K)

Virtual Spinner

Virtual Outcome Tally- uses coins, spinner, or dice

Phone Numbers








Math Vocabulary Hangman golden_star.gif - (2K)

Guess the Number

Math Word Searches golden_star.gif - (2K)

Test Prep and practice, along with brain teasers. You can choose higher grade levels, to challenge yourself more! 

Math Glossary

The Stock Market for Kids

Math Challenges for Families

Animated Interactive Math Dictionary golden_star.gif - (2K)

Math Millionaire golden_star.gif - (2K)

E-Lab- all different activities. Click on 3rd grade for "on level" work, or higher grades for challenges!

Cookie Dough (Number Sense)

Tower Blaster (Ordering Numbers)

Math Triangles (brain teaser)



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