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I taste   fresh crunchy red apples from the colorful trees.
I hear    the bellowing wind wooshing upon my frozen face.
I smell  juicy and tender turkey on Thanksgiving morning.
I see      little kids jumping in huge leaf piles.
I touch  bright orange pumpkins and carve them into stunning Jack-O-Lanterns.

I taste   a light blue cup of steaming hot cocoa bubbling merrily in the cold fall nights.
I hear    the warm colored leaves swaying lightly in the bellowing wind.
I smell  sugar sweet tasting friendship bread in the red hot oven. It’s getting very plump!
I see      the shiny dark purple rakes go swishing in a gorgeously grand pattern down the bright green lawn.
I touch  the bright orange pumpkins in all different sizes bringing excitement and joy!

I taste   sweet candy that thoughtful neighbors give out.
I hear    scared people screaming because of scary costumes.
I smell  sizzling turkey on the dinner table.
I see      crunchy leaves falling off bare trees.
I touch  rough rakes to rake the leaves.

I taste   excellent candy that I got from my marvelous mom.
I hear    crisp leaves crunching in the mysterious woods.
I smell  delightful pumpkin pies that smell so splendid.
I see      light orange Jack-O- Lanterns scaring happy little kids.
I touch  the boiling hot Thanks-giving turkey that’s on the fancy table.

I taste   smooth pumpkin and tender Thanksgiving turkey.
I hear    ringing door bells and trick-or-treating.
I smell  sweet sweet candy and lots of fresh apples.
I see      scary pumpkins and lots of hilarious costumes.
I touch  the green and red leaves blowing swiftly through the hollowing wind.

I taste   sour candy from kind people’s houses.
I hear    creepy scary things like mean ghost.
I smell  a large turkey on the great big table.
I see      colorful leaves on the pretty ground.
I touch  orange Jack-O-Lanterns that are really spooky.

I taste   sweet candy my little naughty brother collected.
I hear    strong wind blowing on trees.
I smell  yummy corn in crowded cornfields.
I see      huge turkeys on a festive Thanksgiving.
I touch  and make freezing apple cider.

I taste   the juicy soft turkey in the hot oven.
I hear    the brown crunchy leaves getting raked.
I smell  the hard orange pumpkins getting carved.
I see      the wonderful sweet candy we give out.
I touch  the pile of freezing cold leaves.

I taste   delicious pumpkin pudding on Thanksgiving.
I hear    colorful leaves being crunched.
I smell  soaking wet hay barrels with mud on them.
I see      joyful happy faces all day long.
I touch  my  grandpa’s fluffy stuffing.

I taste   blueberry pies on the kitchen table.
I hear    color leaves blow in the howling wind.
I smell  smell crisp fresh apples picked from a high apple tree.
I see      creepy costumes scare tiny cute children.
I touch  teeny brown acorns on the cold ground.

I taste   chocolaty candy on Halloween.
I hear    my grateful family talking on Thanksgiving.
I smell  juicy turkey giving my pleased family joy.
I see      dressed up kids running to a brick house or a wooden house on a dark Halloween night.
I touch  a furry coat to keep me warm.

I taste   yummy pumpkin pie filling my huge house with different scents.
I hear    big and little joyful kids saying trick or treat on front doorsteps of my neighbors.
I smell  juicy apple cider getting chugged down by my cold family members.
I see      excited crowds of people with pockets full of money buying orange pumpkins.
I touch  my cold pumpkin carver getting ready to cut my pumpkin.

I taste   cold acorns blowing on the freezing ground.
I hear    silly kids saying ‘trick or treat’ in every huge house.
I smell  delicious pies coming out of lovely people’s houses.
I see      wise adults carving faces on large pumpkins.
I touch  giant autumn leaves on the really cold ground.

I taste   warm delicious apple pie.
I hear    the freezing wind blowing the colorful leaves.
I smell  the sweet sticky maple syrup.
I see      lots of orange scary Jack-O-Lanterns.
I touch  thick warm furry coats.

I taste   goopey maple syrup that fills me with joy.
I hear    constant coughing of sick people with the flu.
I smell  scented pinecones like beautiful flowers.
I see  spooky Jack-o-Lanterns scaring the wits out of cordial people.
I touch  sweetened candy from clever people.

I taste   Halloween candy from nice and kind neighbors.
I hear    strong cold winds blowing.
I smell  steaming, scrumptious turkeys.
I see      fall leaves dropping off dark brown trees
I touch  the orange pumpkins that felt so bumpy.

I taste   apples rich and juicy, also round.
I hear    the breezy wind blowing through my numb ears.
I smell  delicious corn in huge cornfields.
I see      spiky pinecones on the freezing ground.
I touch  bare trees that are very smooth.

I taste   sweet pies making the giant house smell great.
I hear    hollowing wind blowing beautiful fall colored leaves.
I smell  delicious apple cider smell great.
I see      fluffy coats and sticky pinecones.
I touch  wet leaves and brown bare trees.

I taste   crisp apples that are ripe and red.
I hear    enormous vampires torturing small kids.
I smell  sweet candy coming towards me.
I see      tall trees without green leaves.
I touch  pointy pinecones on the hard ground.

I taste   amazing pumpkin pie at my decorative house.
I hear    excited people stepping on leaves.
I smell  sweet chocolate candy in my silly pumpkin-faced trick-or-treating bag.
I see      spooky decorations near large houses.
I touch  and draw on big round pumpkins.

I taste   juicy apple cider in the cold fall freezing wind.
I hear    howling wind blowing on my cold ears.
I smell  yummy apple that my nice dad went to the food store to buy juicy apples.
I see      scary huge ghosts on the huge street.
I touch  a large leaf falling from the giant tree.

I taste   they juicy plump turkey we eat on the morning of Thanksgiving.
I hear    the joyful birds singing on a fall morning.
I smell  the fresh cold air blowing through my cold face.
I see      the happy relatives on the holidays of Thanksgiving.
I touch  the red, orange, and yellow cold leaves that are beautiful.

I taste   yummy candy from scary houses.
I hear    tiny kids say trick or treat.
I smell  delicious pumpkin pie made from pumpkins.
I see      scary things at the webbed houses.
I touch  a crazy scary crow in a tremendous field.



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