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Fairy Tales From The Villain's
Point of View

The students thought a lot this week about what a fairy tale would be like if they turned it around and re-wrote it from the villain's perspective. They learned that sometimes there are two sides to every story. Enjoy their versions of the following popular fairy tales: 


Cinderella (from the step-mother's perspective)
By Charis, Eva, and Khushi

When I first stepped into Ella's house, I thought this was a good place to live. Then i went over to my new husband and talked about the house. I wanted Ella to work because she said she would do everything we wanted. I didn't know if it would make Ella feel bad. That afternoon a royal messenger came sending invitations to the Prince's ball. Hilda and Gilda (my daughters) and I dressed in our best clothes. Then Cinderella started crying. I tried to calm her down by saying, "You can go! You can go!" but she kept on saying, "No no, you go! You go!" She felt she had to stay home because there was lots of work to do in the house, even though I told her not to worry about it. So me and my daughters went to the ball without Cinderella.

While we were there, this beautiful stranger came in and started to dance with the prince. When the clock struck twelve, this beautiful stranger ran off with the prince chasing her. When she was running, we noticed that it was Cinderella! She went because she had finished all of the work. The next day, when the messenger came to our house, Hilda and Gilda tried on Cinderella's glass slipper. It didn't fit. Then Cinderella came running down the stairs saying, "Wait wait! Can I try?" So then she tried and it fit perfectly in. Then she went to marry the prince. I mean, at least we got the house, but she got to marry the prince!

PS- I am very mad at my 2 daughters because they didn't marry the prince!


Hansel and Gretel
(The Witch's Perspective)

By Jillian, Cameron, and Ada

Once upon a time, I heard scratching while I was having some chocolate cake. So I got up and went outside and I saw little children sitting on my front doorstep eating my house! Their names were Hansel and Gretel. What are you two doing? Why are you eating my house? I think you are lost and hungry, let me call your parents." Then I called their parents and the stepmother picked up. I said, "Where do you live? I can bring them over." But the stepmother said, "Just feed them." "But what do I do with them after?" I asked. "Cook them up!" said the stepmother. The stepmother explained that the kids didn't work hard enough and the stepmother has her own things to do. She wanted them gone because they were too lazy. So then I went and turned on the oven, not to bake the kids, but to make them a chocolate cake because I felt bad for them having such a mean stepmother. I wanted to make them feel better. Then suddenly Gretel sneaked up behind me and pushed me in the oven!

The Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
(Told by the Big GOOD Pig)

By Ronith, Winston, and Harrison

One day I wanted to play with the 3 little wolves so I went to their brick house and knocked on the door. Then I saw a sledge hammer and I tripped. The next thing I knew the house fell down. Then they asked a racoon for cement and when their house was done they played tennis without me. I asked to play tennis with them, but they ignored me. So I climbed in their house but I weighed too much so it collapsed. Then they built another house with a shocker fence. Plus there was TNT. Next I climbed and fell on the TNT. Then it exploded. Next they made a flower house and they finally invited me in.

The End


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
(the true story from the Wicked Witch's Perspective)
By: Sean, Sharon, Alessandra & Ella

 This is the true story of The Wizard of Oz. Yes, the one with the munchkins. No, I don’t mean Dunkin’ Donuts! So, of course I was very hungry and wanted a munchkin from the munchkin AND FAST! Well, suddenly something that looked like a house with a girl named Dorothy in it fell out of the sky and killed my sister! Of course, I love my sister and I got really sad so I became really angry and sent the flying monkeys to bring that wretched little brat!  When they brought her to me, she had a pair of magical ruby slippers. Of course I thought I could borrow them to re-create my dear sister then I would let Dorothy go. But the little girl was greedy and wanted to keep them. So she tried to run away. Then I caught her and put her in a little room for a little while with a beautiful bed and roses so she could calm down! I asked for the slippers but she would not hand them over. So I decided to just invite her for dinner so she kicked me. OUCH! I tweaked her nose! But still she would not hand over those beautiful, shiny, magical and perfect slippers.
 I walked up the stairs into the castle. Suddenly she broke into hug sobs. I tried to help her but she shouted at me, “You wicked old witch.” Suddenly, she threw a bucket of water at me. “I only wanted to borrow the slippers to bring my sister back.” I had a melting feeling and within five seconds I was nothing but a witch puddle.
 Why does that always happen?


The Three Billy Goats Gruff
(From the Troll's perspective)
By: Alex, Billy, Nikhil and Maanav

 One day I was sleeping under my bridge then I woke up to a trip trap, trip trap. I yelled WHO’S THAT? I stood up to see who was making that noise it was… a Billy goat. I told him I was gonna eat it but I only said that because I really wanted it to get off the bridge. So after the Billy went across the bridge I went back to sleep.  About an hour later I woke up to a trip trap, trip trap. It was the second Billy goat. I said the same thing I said to the first Billy goat and the second bialy goat ran for his life. About 5 hours later the big Billy goat came so I said the same thing I said to Billy goat 1 and 2 but it didn’t have the same reaction…he came down and poked my eyes out!


The Gingerbread Man
(From the Gingerbread Man's perspective)
By: Rohan, Brandon, Drew

 Hi, my name is The Gingerbread Man. One day an old lady baked me. When she was done I ran away from her. She said, “ Get back over here”. “NO!” I said. Then the old lady started chasing me. I said, “Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.” After I outran the woman, I accidentally bumped into a dog. Then the dog chased after me.  “Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m The Gingerbread Man.” Then I outran the dog and sat on a fence to rest. It turned out there was a cow that wanted to eat me. Then the cow started chasing me so I said, “ Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m The Gingerbread Man.” After I outran the cow, then I saw a fox that wanted to eat me. “I ran away from an old woman, a dog, and a cow… and I will outrun you.
The reason why I ran away from everyone is because I did not want to get eaten and that’s not going to stop me from running away from you.” The fox said, “I don’t like cookies anyway.” Then the fox said, “I’ll lead you across the lake. I promise I won’t get you wet. “ After the fox led me to the other side of the lake, the fox said, “I’m going to eat you.” Then, CRUNCH, he ate me. I was tricked! Everyone lived happy for the rest of their lives…except for me.

The True Story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
By: Ruchitha, Naina and Sadie

 There was a boy named Aladdin in a small kingdom. He was the son of a tailor.  After his father died, he and his mother were very poor. I came along thinking he was my nephew. I knew Aladdin was very poor so I gave him some gold coins. I went to visit the home of my brother. I thought I was a long-lost relative. I have to help my poor nephew in life. Please let me take Aladdin as my apprentice. Aladdin and his mother said okay, and the next day we set out. We were far away from the city when I stopped walking and asked Aladdin to start a fire. I spoke magic words and threw crystals on the ground and suddenly an underground cave opened. I told Aladdin to wear this ring and go in the cave. You will see a lamp in a garden and only touch the lamp. Aladdin did as he was told. Aladdin saw a bunch of gems in the garden. Aladdin took as many as he could. Aladdin took the lamp and went back to the cave. I asked Aladdin for the lamp so he wouldn’t drop the lamp. Aladdin said no! I yelled something by accident that made the entrance close. Aladdin was trapped! I was so sad. Aladdin rubbed his hands with the ring I gave him and suddenly a genie appeared. The genie told Aladdin to make a wish. “ I wish I could go home,” said Aladdin. When Aladdin’s mother saw him, she was delighted. Aladdin’s mother said she would polish the lamp. When she started to polish the lamp, a genie appeared and Aladdin commanded the genie to get some food. The genie brought Aladdin and his mother some food. When they had the power of the lamp and the gems they were rich for many years. One day Aladdin saw a princess and fell in love. Aladdin demanded the genie to make a splendid palace. The palace was so beautiful that the news traveled far. Soon I heard Aladdin’s good fortune. I left at once to search the magic lamp. I wanted to make his life even better. I dressed up to give the princess a shiny new lamp. I didn’t know the genie was in the lamp, so I started to shine it with a cloth. I instructed the genie to take the princess and the palace to a wonderful place, but the genie misheard me. Aladdin called the genie of the ring who took him to my home. Once Aladdin was back with the princess he loved he destroyed me thinking I was evil. Aladdin and the princess lived happily ever after.


Graphics by Irene