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End of the year gifts for Room Parents

Every year I struggle with a gift worthy of my wonderful room moms. I hear people from school talk about giving stationary, plants, flowers, picture frames, which are nice...but I just don't feel that these items are useful or creative enough to show all of my appreciation for the parents who've done so much for me. So I asked fellow teachers online to email me with creative ideas and here they are:

Gift certificates to local nail salons for a manicure

I've given my room moms has been a "summer picnic" basket.  I get colorful plastic outdoor dishes at Wal-Mart or Target.  This year I got a large ice bucket, four dinner plates, four bowls, four colorful iced tea glasses, a pitcher, and colorful silverware.  I got them all in the same bright orange color and added some iced tea mix and some matching napkins.  The moms loved it.  It is something they can use and it is relatively inexpensive.  Every year Wal-Mart and Target have a beautiful selection of various colorful dishes and matching serving pieces.  They're usually back by the outdoor/seasonal stuff.  
-Charlene Rinehart, PA

I've also given Popcorn/Movie Night baskets which included a relatively inexpensive family video (ask the child what one they'd like, but don't yet have), paper popcorn boxes (like the ones you'd see at a theatre,  I got them at Target!),  pretty jars of popcorn kernels, and jars of various flavored salts and toppings.  Again, it went over well cause it was something they could do as a family.
-Charlene Rinehart, PA

The "What We Know" Math Show

Give math some dramatic flair with an end-of-the-year math show. Begin by asking the class to reflect on what they have learned brainstorm and write ideas on the board, breaking down bigger subjects into single concepts. Then, ask students to work in pairs on a single concept, inventing a novel way to present it. They can create a short poem, artwork, or a model, or they can perform their own "Schoolhouse Rock" song or a television commercial that explains the concept. Encourage the audience to participate!
Bob Krech, Dutch Neck School, Princeton Junction, NJ

The ABCs of 3rd Grade

Students write an ABC story about things they've learned in 3rd grade. It will be something they'll want to keep as a memory!



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