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What can you really get done in a classroom on the day after Halloween? Well....apparently lots if you bring your Halloween candy with you! The students observed their candy using their 5 senses and then wrote an advertisement for it! I hope you enjoy these deliciously-written ads! Don't go out and buy too much candy afterwards!


Nikhil - Sourpatch twizzlers
Does this time of the year seem dull and dead? Do you need something to spark you up? Well then the brand of Sourpatch twizzlers!  Sour and sweet they may be, but coated with sweet, sour and juicy powdered sugar, those fruit flavored twizzlers will end those boring days for you, and replace them with sunny days that shine so bright, that a diamond would melt the minute it goes outside. This candy will get your nerves tingling for more, so happy eating!

Rohan- Air Heads
Hey! If you’re hungry for a snack you better take the right thing. So if you want to listen to me the right way, you better get air heads! The reason why should get air heads is it has a mind blowing taste of blueberries and raspberries. Plus air heads feel like a nice squish and sticky combination, and if you’re guessing it smells like blueberries and raspberries. You’re right, and anyway you should be right because I basically told you before. And when you bite into air heads it sounds like the candy could be juicy and chewy. Well guess what, it is juicy and chewy. So I told about air heads. So you like what I said about air heads to you, you should go to the store and taste it yourself.

Alex- M&M
Say you are stuck inside and you have nothing to do. I say you go to the store and get some M&Ms. They are colorful circles that taste like chocolate bars but much, much better. They are fun to eat, they melt in your mouth. They are a little hard on the outside, but once you get in the inside you are in a delight. They are so soft. When you eat one, it goes crunch, crunch the perfect sound. So, why wait to get them. Get it now!

Cameron- Sweetarts
How do you know when a good nice blueberry candy taste really good? If you want it, it will say Sweetarts on the front. The sour yummy sweet shaped skulls and bones. They are really smooth on the top, and they look like hearts on the side. They could be any shape. Try it, they are really good!

Ada - Dum Dum pops
You’re stuck trying to pick a piece of candy? Then come and get a nice round, blue and yummy lollipop! If you taste it, you’ll get think it is so good, you want to get a billion more! When you open the wrapper, a nice smell of cotton candy will burst out. When you eat it, you will hear a nice big sound of crunchiness. So come on down now, to get this wonderful tasting lollipop instead of those other old and yucky candy. Also if you can’t choose between skittles and a lollipop that is cotton candy flavor? Then always pick the lollipop! Also, if you like Dum Dum pops, then these are perfect for you! Now go own and buy it and taste if for yourself!

Charis- Laffy Taffy
Do you know Laffy Taffy that is cherry flavored? Well, if you don’t, check it out! It looks pink inside. It feels hard, bumpy, smooth, and very sticky. It smells sweet and delightful. It also has a thick flavor. It is so good! It tastes very juicy and also very hard. It’s like the best candy in the world, you have to check it out if you didn’t! You should get it quick or else it's all gone!

Eva- Double Bubble
How do you know when pink, bumpy, snowflake like gum is all combined together? It will say Double Bubble on the package. No one should ever have to choose between pink, bumpy, snowflakes like gum! Just smelling the sour, sweet, strawberry minty, delightful little piece of gum will tempt your taste buds! When you taste the sweet, sour, soft, rough, chewy, sticky, strawberry, marvelous, delightful gum you will feel so relaxing that it will make you want to sleep! Eat it and find out!

Alessandra- Kit Kat
Do the days seem long and empty? Do you want something sweet? We have the answer! Kitkat bars are sweet-tasting, mouth-watering and creamy. In fact, it seems to look better at every glance! Kitkat candy bars feel like a smooth chocolate delight! I doubt anyone would compare anything to this sugary treat. Kitkat bars smell so good that the tempting smell fills your lungs to reveal a pleasant and chocolate-filled dream. When you first sink your teeth inside a kitkat bar it will taste like a beautiful chocolate experience. One bite of this perfect chocolate confection just isn’t enough! Kitkat bars are crunchy. Each time you take a bite they make a melodic ‘crunch’ sound. So treat yourself to this amazing candy.

Brandon- Twizzler
Do you know how a twizzler taste like? Well, you should know. If you don’t I’ll tell you. A delicious red, twisted braid of rough delightful candy. So mouth watering and so delicious and chewy. Sounds so quiet you won’t get caught eating it ninety-nine percent guarantee. So solid and tasty. If this does not come true, there is one-hundred percent guarantee money back. Buy your very own pack of twizzerlers today at a store near you!

Winston- Gobstoppers
 Do you want something with difference colors? Well I have the right candy for you! Gobstoppers are smooth with all of the flavors. It is round, yummy and thick. The best are hard, sticky, and delightful Gobstoppers! It is sweet and melts in your mouth. It is the grand prize winner! Here are the flavors grape, orange, and lemon. It’s made from Wonka! Gobstoppers are rare to find. Will you find the flavor? Eat it and find out!

Jillian- Jolly Ranchers
Have you ever tasted a candy so good that you just want to save it, but you can’t because you don’t want the taste to go away? Well if you have, awesome, but if you have not, I have the right candy for you. It’s long lasting, it’s so good you have the taste in your mouth for hours, they are Jolly Ranchers!
There are so many flavors to choose from and if you don’t know which one to choose, try them all! They are all so good, don’t worry about getting the bad tasting wrong one, because there are no bad tasting wrong ones. There are even big family size bags of Jolly Ranchers, so you’ll never run out. Buy a family size bag today and you’ll get two more family size bags free. There are so many good deals out there, but you have to choose the right one to be happy. Buy Jolly Ranchers now!

Ella- Tootsie Rolls
If you like Tootsie pops, you’ll love Tootsie Rolls. It has that rich flavor from the Tootsie pop but not with the crunchy part and in a rectangular when you flatten it! When you eat it, it gets a squishy and kind of gooey. If you keep it in your hand for too long, your hands will be sticky, until you wash them! It’s sweet. It’s chocolate, and has a great taste that ever you love! Get it now!

Sean- Milky Way
What would you choose a bar of chocolate or a bar of caramel, but you don’t have to anymore. The delicious candy that has this chocolate and caramel combined is a Milky Way. A Milky Way is also sweet and melts in your mouth fast. It’s sticky in your mouth, so come buy and try it yourself.

Maanav- Kit Kat
How do you mix chocolate and wafers together? Try Kit Kats. When you start tasting the scrumptious Kit Kats, your mouth will start drooling. So when you go to a candy store, choose Kit Kat. Find out if it really is so scrumptious. Try Kit Kat.

Billy- 3 Musketeers Mint
You may have tasted chocolate and mint, but you never tasted them together, with a crunchy edge and the rich chocolate mint flavor adds up to.  3 Musketeers Mint has all of that in one bar. So do you want your mouth to water, well just get one and it will change your life.

Naina- M&Ms
How do you know if a sweet ball of chocolate and a thin but sweet and yummy layer of crunchy candy can be so delicious? And on the wrapper it will say M&Ms on it. People will think it is yucky but it is soooooo yummy! If you are someone who will think it’s yummy then just try one little bite! Please? If you try it, it will be lip-smacking! So delicious you will never forget that you tired such a delicious candy! If you didn’t ever try it, here is your chance!

Harrison- Sweedish Fish
Do you like gummy foods? Do you like sweet cherry? Well if you do, try Sweedish Fish! Sweedish Fish is a cherry flavored gummy fish about 1 inch and a half long. I think sweedish fish as a mixture of a gummy fish and a huge red juicy cherry. Sweedish fish is mushy mouth watering and finger lickering. The first time I tried it, I realized how everlasting flavor inside the gummy fish could be so good! Sweedish fish is good for when your taste buds don’t like a food. One bite and your mouth explodes with a good flavor! So if you don’t know what to eat, try sweedish fish!!

Ruchitha- Starbust
How do you know what a nice good rich strawberry candy tastes? The candy is sweet. It’s a perfect strawberry flavored candy! If you want to try it, it’s pink and its name is Starbust! The sticky rich candy will rock your whole mouth out! Is there really a candy that is rich squared perfect size candy? Try it and you will just love it! I am telling you, you will just want to eat it!

Drew -Twix
How do you know when caramel and chocolate mix fantastically? It will say Twix on the cover. The creamy caramel on top of crunchy gram cracker taped with a just hard enough shell of milk chocolate.
When you eat Twix, it taste like a chocolate chip cookie but  better because it has caramel. If you are looking for something sweet, get Twix and taste for yourself.

Ronith -Starbust
Have you ever tried starbust, the lemon flavor? I have, it tastes like lemonade and when you eat it, it makes your mouth water! It’s bright yellow. Although it is small and square shaped, it lasts a long time. It is chewy. It feels hard and bumpy, sticky and twisty. When you have it, it sounds like choppy. You can try it out yourself!



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