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What are Blue Bird Binders?
Blue Bird Binders are a way of creating organization and responsibility in students through an organized binder with specific folders and sheet protectors.

Where do I get one?
In my supply list, I've left specific directions for what needs to be purchased to put together the binder. All you need to do is bring the supplies to school on the first day and we will assemble them together. However, it is very simple to put together, and if you'd like to do it in advance, just follow the directions below.

**Please note, I have already purchased binders and sheet protectors for the 2011-2012 school year.**

What are its components?
There are five parts to the Blue Bird Binders.

Take-Home Folder in left front pocket
The blue folder in the left front pocket is the Take Home/Bring Back folder. I will supply this to the kids on the first day of school.

The Take Home side could include mail, homework, completed work, or notes from Mrs. Gold

The Bring Back side could include notes for Mrs. Gold or finished homework.

Zipper Pouch
The zipper pouch is the first thing that you'll see in the binder when you open it. This is to hold money (real and classroom cash) safely.

Clear Sheet Protectors
Clear Sheet Protectors are used to preserve important information that will be referred to several times such as rules, calendars, etc...

Folders with Subject Labels
After the Sheet Protectors come the folders. There are 6 folders, each that you must label with the following subjects:

Social Studies/Science, Reading, Writing, Math, Spelling, and Work in Progress. Each folder will hold papers for that subject only! 

Behavior Chart in right back pocket
In the back right pocket will be the Behavior Chart. The Behavior Chart is colored in daily and signed by parents every Friday. I will supply this to the kids on the first day of school.

What are the rules to having a
Blue Bird Binder?

1.  You must not draw or doodle in your Blue Bird. Treat it with respect.

2.  Do not let any of your friends have anything out of your Blue Bird. It is yours, and no other class does this. Only ours! So you have a special privilege.

3.  Understand the point of having a Blue Bird Binder. The reason is to keep you organized, so keep IT organized!

4.  All papers go in your Blue Bird. There should be none in your desk at any time! My motto is:"Every paper has a home!" Put papers exactly where I say, when I say! Not later! If you listen to me about organization, you will be organized, I guarantee! If you don't cooperate, you won't be organized.

Why are they called Blue Bird Binders?
That's easy! Here at Village Elementary School, our mascot is Blazer, the Blue Bird! So we're practicing school spirit while getting organized!




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