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Abigail, 23




Daniela, 2
Holly, 4
Ananya, 10



Michelle, 2
Alexander, 8
Edward, 25
Michele, 28






Jason, 27
Eric, 28

William, 13
Olivia, 30

Vignesh, 17
Mrs. Gold, 29
Kirsten, 8
Connor, 8
Joseph, 9
Emily, 15
Adam, 25

Elizabeth, 12
Lanie, 14
Noah, 26

Salvatore, 2
Ms. Brown, 5
George, 19


Printable Birthday Activities

Printable Birthday Cards
Many themes, including envelopes. Customize, print and send. Free.

Birthday Word Search 2
Print and play.
Illustrated Birthday Calendar by Jan Brett
Print out and fill in birthdays.

Birthday Party Invitations
To print out, color and send.

Birthday Invitations
Pick graphics, print and send.

Door Knob Signs
Print & hang on the birthday kid's door. 

Birthday Cake
Print, decorate, and color.

Birthday Banners
Print a birthday banner - various themes.

Birthday Gift Maze
To print out and play.

BDAY Guest List Word Search
Using the names of your party guests. 

Birthday Thank You Cards
Pick graphics and text, print out.

Birthday Certificate
Print a colorful birthday message .

Printable Guest List
Make a list and keep track of who is coming to your party.

Birthday Teddy Bears
Print and color.

Birthday Coloring Pages
Fun pages  to print & color

Birthday Words
How many words can you make using certain birthday phrases?

Birthday Checklist
Stay organized with this party checklist that starts 1 month before your party!

Birthday Crafts

Birthday Countdown Calendar
Using an empty cereal box and art supplies.

Birthday Crown
Birthday crown to print, cut out, create and wear.

Birthday Promise Booklet
Create a gift of promise certificates.

Birthday Wheel
Create a birthday reminder wheel. 

Birthday Party Crafts
Some fun ideas for craft parties .
Birthday Crafts for Girls
Party craft activities for all-girl bashes.

Birthday Crafts for Boys
Party craft activities for all-boy bashes.

Birthday Games Online

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Play this version online.

Find the Differences
Classic game with a birthday theme. 

What's Different?
Another find the differences game.

Birthday Tic Tac Toe
Online Play.

Birthday Bingo
Print and play. 

Mix Up Birthday Bear
Change bear's outfits to make him silly.

Dress the Bears
Little bears need help dressing for a birthday party! Online play

Birthday Games Offline

Party Games for Kids
Long list of traditional and new party games plus instructions. 

Remember When?
Classic old fashioned birthday games.

Kid's Domain Party Games
Lots of offline game ideas.

Children's Party Games
Kids party fun!

Printable Birthday Game Ideas
These cost money but you can easily re-create these ideas on your own computer for free.

Birthday Fun

Birthday Riddles
Guess the silly answers.

Balloon HQ
Everything about balloons & balloon art.

Birthday Signs and Symbols
Horoscope signs, birthday flowers, and birthstones

Happy Birthday in 161 Languages
Become multi-lingual!
What happened on the day you were born?
Brought to you by the History Channel

Birthday Traditions Around the World
How others celebrate their birthdays

Birthday Party Ideas
Games, recipes, themes, crafts, and more!

Who Shares Your Birthday?
Find famous people who have your same birthday!

Birthday Gifts
This is a great list of ideas of gifts for all-ages!

Birthday Writing Prompts

The best birthday gift would be ... 
The best birthday cake would be ... 
For a perfect birthday party I would ... 
If my friend forgot my birthday I would ... 
As I get older I will ... 
My best birthday ever was when ... 
This is how you make a birthday cake ... 
The worst thing about birthdays is ...



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